Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I am from Honduras, this is a beautiful country located in the heart of Central America. We never celebrate Halloween Night, because it isn’t part of our traditions. But, this year I am in United State where Halloween is a big, famous party.

In my childhood I always watched thriller movies like Jason and Freddy Krueger on each Halloween Night, I liked so much this kind of movies. I remember one October 31 some years ago, when my friends and I celebrated Halloween and nobody in our neighborhood gave us candies and we felt very sad for this. I thought, “It is interesting, the kids in one night can be another person, animal or whatever they will get a lot of free candy in another country.”

I was very excited for my first Halloween night this October 31 in Carbondale, but what happened this night? I was very sick and I didn’t know why, because the whole day I was very good but when the night came all changed. I felt a strong headache, stomachache and I couldn’t eat anything because I wanted to throw up all food, therefore I couldn’t do anything except try to sleep.

In conclusion, I have only bad memories about Halloween because I cannot celebrate this day in any country. But I hope the next year, wherever I am, this day will be better and I am going to go a big party.